Login Issues

99.9% of login "faults" occur as a result of incorrectly entered login information, or where an account has not been accessed in a while and has been purged. 

User names and passwords must be entered exactly as shown in the "New User Registration" email which is sent instantly on completion of your registration. Remember too that passwords are always cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

  1.  If you need a reminder of your user name and / or you have forgotten your password - enter your registered email address in the "Lost Login" panel below. 
  2. If you have entered your email address in the panel below and it is not recognised, it means your account does not exist. Accounts which have not been accessed in two months or more are considered dormant and will be purged periodically. These accounts will not be restored by the administrator. If you get a message saying your account does not exist, please create a new account.
  3. If you receive a notification that you have been "locked out" by our firewall, incorrect login information has been entered. The site administrator will normally review the lockout and reset the account, but once your access is re-enabled, you must refer to steps 1 & 2 above before trying to login again. We also recommend that you clear your cache if this happens as your device may have stored incorrect or out of date login information in its memory.
  4. If you can confirm that you have reviewed points 1, 2 & 3 and you are still having issues logging in, click here.

Lost Login

User name reminders and password reset requests are instant. If your email address is confirmed to be valid, please check your email (including spam / junk folders) within a few moments.  

PLEASE NOTE: The site administrator reserves the right to reset passwords that are deemed to be too weak.